Welcome & Introduction

It is no accident that you have found me. All things are connected and there are no coincidences. Through a series of life patterns, your actions have led you here. Your true self, hidden passions and unrequited love long to be nurtured and pampered. When the festering of refrainment is more painful than the blossoming of rebirth, come to me. I will teach you the art of pleasure. I am Bendy Girl, ingrained in a sacred sanctity of peace where I will move you in new ways, liberating your mind, body and soul.

As an erotic Tantric Goddess, I practice the science of ecstasy. The universe’s great source of energy is derived from sexuality. As a healer, my life’s calling is one of profound spirituality deeply rooted in yoga. I will purify your spirit and channel your energy into a powerful mindfulness, a state of fervent bliss. Time and denial will hold you no more as you are liberated from the limitations that bind.

Peace and tranquility hide within, as sure as the air you breathe. For a moment in time, I will become you and you will become me. We will fuse together down a path of inspiration until we achieve nirvana. That is my gift to you. Namaste.

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